You Don’t Choose The Cat, The Cat Chooses You

Imgur user PotatoWasteland (PW) was getting in his car after work when a little ginger kitten ran up to him.

Temperatures were reaching below freezing that night, so he picked her up, went inside, grabbed a box, and took her home for the night.


PW says: “She spent the night in my garage since I didn’t know anything about her.

I’ve never met such a cuddly cat. Posted on Facebook in hopes of finding her owners, and the next day I’d be taking her to the animal shelter for them to come find her.

However, our local shelter has a hard time getting rid of kittens (overloaded with cats) and we later found out she wasn’t chipped, so she was most likely a stray.”


They took her to the shelter and as you can see she seemed to enjoy being in the car, even finding time to take a quick nap.


“Back home! Because she doesn’t weigh two pounds quite yet, the shelter let me keep her as a foster kitty.

I’ll be taking her back in within a week or so for her to he spayed, have another vaccination, and if she does meet the weight requirement, I can officially adopt her!”


“The sunbeam quickly became her favorite spot. I didn’t choose the kitty life. The kitty life chose me.”


I do love a rescue story with a happy ending – I think kitty knew that this man was going to be her forever human!

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