Woman Adopts Stray Cat And Her Children!

When I moved home from the supermarket and stopped the car in front of the door, suddenly there was a cat with her cubs following me.

Then I thought of these three little munchkins who needed a home.

I wasn’t too sure whether I should take them or not, because I’ve got my hands full at the moment and the mother cat is all the help I need.

She’s a strays cat but she’s got such amazing motherly instincts!

I’ve never had a stray cat follow me anywhere before, it seems like “she knew that’s my car, that’s my human, I’m going that way, she lives down there maybe”?! So that’s the reason we decided to bring her home with us to give her the care that she needs! I named her Lucy, she’s a playing cat but she wouldn’t play with me for the first couple of days!

But now Lucy is not shy anymore, she confided to have fun with us and she runs around the garden with her kittens.

Lucy’s so special mom, she is going to be our resident soon!

Thank you, Lucy, thank you for the special things you bring to us, we love you so much!

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