When She Is Crying For Help Why Ant People Not Helping Her And Ignoring Her

We found a kitten in a really bad condition in the morning when I walked down the street .She is sick, and her eyes are infected, just smell and didn’t see anything.

She lives in the crack under the entrance to this abandoned place.

Many people live there but no one cares about the poor kitten.We are a bit overwhelmed, we take care of too many kittens right now.But we know that if we leave this kitten, she will lose her eyes and her health will be threatened, or die of some reason.

How can you close your eyes and pass her by? We not gonna leave her there.!

She tries to run away when we approach her, but we soothed her.We put her in the bag and rode, her eyes are shut and she doesn’t know what’s happened.

She loved her rescuer coat, seem’s like her mom.

We waiting for the vet open. She felt calm and fell asleep when she get caresses.Then we get to the vet clinic and the vet clean her eyes and gave her an infection.

After she was taken care of at the hospital, we bring her home and fed her.

We decided to name her Lola and we are so happy because Lola has a strong heart.

Just a few hours later, she’s getting better and she looks like a new kitten.She needed love, and care from people to show how cute she is.She loves playing with us.! Her eyes are open now and she can see again, she is so happy.

We are continuing the treatment with antibiotic eyedrop to keep Lola’s eyes better.

Lola will back to the clinic vet for about 5 days. Her belly is swollen, probably she has internal parasites.But the vet gave her deworming medication already. She will be fine!

She is playful and she is one of the most loving kittens we’ve ever taken care of.!

Lola gets calming massage while being dried.

She finally gets to sleep after a tiring day

A few days later we visit the vet again for another injection .This time the injection was painful but Lola was brave. She back home happy and always want to play with us and explore the room.

Because of a sensitive stomach with parasites, Lola had to eat special food from the vet.

From now on, Lola gets home and taken care of by us, she steps into a new life!

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