When А Вlind Кitten Мeets Нer New Father, She Falls In Love Right Аway

The Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) in Cape Town, South Africa, received a stray kitten.

Holly is a volunteer with the organization, and she enthusiastically accepted the role of fostering June at her house.

June’s blindness had already been established, and Holly was unconcerned.

June walked around the home, figuring out how to navigate her new surroundings.

She was soon sprinting up and down the entire length of the home like any other cat.

June was Holly’s foster child for several months, during which time she completely fell in love with her.

June was not just a feisty young lady, but she also desired affection from everyone she encountered.

Soon later, Andrew and Rebecca read a post about June on Facebook and chose to adopt her without even seeing her.

Everything went according to plan, and they received approval!

There was an instant connection when they eventually picked her up, and June is clearly a “daddy’s girl.”

She embraced her new father and snuggled into his arms right away. She even climbed up on his neck on the way home and refused to let go.

June was determined to hang out with Andrew and Rebecca’s other cats, despite the fact that they were clearly uninterested in her, and she was adamant about playing with them.

They’re all sisters now, and they adore each other.

June enjoys going on walks with her family when she is not hanging out with her sisters; it has become one of her favorite activities.

June is adored by the entire family, and they cannot picture their lives without her. She’s carved a special place in their hearts for herself.

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