We Already Found Real-Life “Puss In Boots” – Cat Pisco Who Is Taking Over The Internet

Yes, we already found a creature that seems like it comes from a movie. That’s Golden British shorthair Pisco, who is taking over the Internet because he looks just like Puss in Boots’ twin.

Well, we are talking about Puss in Boots of “Shrek 2” where the character uses his secret yet powerful weapon – his cat eyes. These are the typical feature that helps recall people of the cheerful, chatter cat.

And Pisco also has that eye. He has been famous for a picture in which the cat resembles Puss in Boots, even in the smallest detail. If you think the similarity between the two is just a lucky one-time coincidence, we have to say that Pisco’s eyes are always like that.

But it’s not only the eyes that help the feline gain its popularity. People love Pisco because of his good traits. He is a bit chonky. He can look like a fluff sandwich, sometimes look like a cute baby.

Pisco is a type of cat that when you stare at the abyss of his eyes, the abyss stares back at you. He looks adorable in different clothes and costumes.

The cat grows black paws that perfectly match his wide black pupils. With all of these features, we are sure that you can’t resist his cuteness but give him some treats right away. Follow him on Instagram for more pictures.

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