Watch This Innocent Weak Cat Recovered Into A Beautiful Blue Eyed Cat

This poor cat was very scared, he’d never had any contact with people at all, he was found under the bush in bad condition and it was very hard to take in it.

We try to give him food, but he didn’t see anything because he had his eyes infected, so this means that his senses were elevated.

We have to go side to side to catch him. He heading back when we try to touch him. I reached in and went over the top of the cat to be able to get him. We put him in the cage to take him to the vet!

He didn’t know what else to do, because he can’t see it.

We had him in a smaller crate to make sure that he couldn’t run away from us. He’s in a lot of pain and discomfort right now!

When we first saw him, we thought that he was blind because he just cower over! And hide under the bed.

It takes time and we have to be patient, we bathe him every day which is we started to get some trust from him. He can feel love from us.

Five months later, he has recovered, gained some weight, and completely trusts us!

Then when you see him relaxed on the bed, you start rubbing down his back, to make him feel comfortable. He likes to play around with kittens in the house, so we are happy that he was able to do that.

The whole rewarding part is how much we invested, and the result we got from that.

Now the cat can see us and he’s a happy guy, it’s really hard for us to even think about ever letting him go, but we love him so much.

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