Vet Clinic’s Hilarious Sign Exposes Fat Fred, A Very Chonky Cat

Chunky cats are are specialty around these parts, we’re rather fond of them. Actually, it’s not just us. A particularly large portion of the Internet tends to go bananas when chonky cats are shared on social media, and it’s easy to comprehend why. The more the fluff, the more to love. Right? Right.

Imgur user KneeApallingTanIceCream was minding his p’s and q’s when he paused to read a sign posted by a vet clinic local to his community. The sign was absolutely hilarious and it’s goal was to introduce Fat Fred, a cat, and sooth the concerns of citizens who worried about how utterly enormous Fat Fred was.

The signs read:

The signs read:

In an interview with Bored Panda, KneeApallingTanIceCream said:

The sun was blinding so I tried to stand off to the side to get a pic and ended up with a pepper ghost effect. Which I didn’t even know was a thing until this post.

He shared the photos to imgur and they quickly went totally viral.

Unfortunately the vet was closed that day so I could only watch Fred from the window. He was very playful even though the window. As far as a pet slimming down, a diet with some good activity time each day should help. I am actually about to go out of state, but plan on visiting Fred when I get back after the holidays.

To date, the original post has been viewed over 106,000 times.

Users had a lot of witty comments to share.

To date, the orinal post has been viewed over 106,000 times.

Fat Fred is relatable as heck.

For reference, a typical domestic cat’s ideal healthy weight is on average 10lbs. While some breeds, like the glorious Maine Coon, will naturally weigh more, cats like Fred are most definitely dangerously obese clocking in at 28lbs.

According to Pet MD, the best foods that help cats lose weight are high in protein, have plenty of fiber, as well as lots of moisture content. Fiber and hydration help your cat feel full so it doesn’t get hungry immediately after eating.

If your cat fancies lots of treats, try to remember that most veterinarians recommend that treats only make up for 10% (or less) of the total calories your cat eats every day!

We’ve all had a cat trip us up while they wander around us, bellowing for foods, a never-ending demand it may seem at times. Instead of continuing to plump up your puss, consider they may be begging for attention instead. Maintaining a balanced diet is important to your cat’s long-lasting health.

When cats become dangerously obese, losing weight is more than a chore. Remember Cinderblock? She has a ridiculous weight-loss journey ahead of her and she’s none too pleased about it.

The photographic effect was a popular topic for other imgur users to take note of.


I’m sure Fred thinks so.

A joke for a purr-ticlar type of folks.


Him lorge.


It’s not that bad. It’s fat but not the fattest ever, right? Right.

Did I mention we rather enjoy fat cats? We can’t help it.

However, we do want to stress that we think cats live their best lives when they’re healthy.

So, do not try to plump your cat up for Internet points. It’s much better for your cat to be happy and healthy.

Ghost Cat, Fat Fred, same thing.

Same, Pizza1sLyfe, Same.

What do YOU think of Fat Fred? Share pictures of the chonkiest cats you know in the comments right meow!

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