Unwanted Сat Finally Gets Аdopted Аfter 433 Days

He’s a five-year-old cat who’s been in an Animal Welfare League Australia shelter in Sydney for almost a year, 433 days to be exact!

Champas was terrified when he initially arrived at the shelter and refused to communicate with anyone.

As a result, he was forced to stand by and watch as dozens upon dozens of cats and dogs were adopted.

Champas ended up at the shelter’s reception area after it became clear that finding him a new home would be difficult.

This was really beneficial since it helped him to become used to others.

The staff at the shelter then devised a brilliant plan to locate Champas a permanent home.

“He’s not the type of cat that any household could accept, but we know there’s someone out there who would love him — we just need to find them,” a shelter representative said.

“Champas has already spent one Valentine’s Day in the shelter, and we don’t want him to have to spend another,” she continued.

Everyone was hoped that this sequence of placards would increase the appeal of this stunning white kitten to potential adopters.

Nathan, his new parent, said:

“To everyone who is wondering what happened to Champas, the long-term shelter resident, he returned home with me today and immediately fell asleep after biting my hand.”

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