“Unstoppable Able: The Feline Who Overcame Electric Shock and Continues to Thrive!”

A remarkable cat in Thailand has become known as the “kangaroo cat” for its unique way of getting around after suffering a severe electric shock that caused it to lose both front paws and its tail. The brown and white feline, named Able, has shown incredible perseverance by adapting to its new condition and hopping like a kangaroo to move around. The accident occurred in Chiang Mai when the cat came into contact with some loose wires.

Despite losing his two front paws and having his tail fried by a loud bang that sounded like an explosion to the neighbors, Able, a courageous feline, was nursed back to full health. He doesn’t let his disability stop him from leading a normal cat life. This incident happened when Able was just one-year-old.

Able, the three-year-old cat, was discovered by Walai Sriboonvorakul, a resident aged 49, stranded in an alley almost a week after being in an accident. Sriboonvorakul took care of Able and helped him recuperate completely. After two years, Able has managed to fully recover and has learned how to climb stairs, chase other felines, and jump up walls with ease, using a unique ‘kangaroo-like’ jumping technique.

According to Ms Sriboonvorakul, Able is a stunning feline who can do anything just like his animal peers. The name “Able” was chosen for him due to his exceptional abilities. Sadly, Able experienced electrocution from wires. The loud explosion was akin to a bomb, and the electricity was so potent that his legs and tail detached from his body.

Initially, Able had a difficult time and his injuries were painful. Nonetheless, he adapted swiftly and can now stand and balance on his hind legs. He is remarkably robust and can move up and down staircases and playfully chase other felines by bounding like a miniature kangaroo. Additionally, he can jump high onto walls and ledges. After being taken in by the family, the sick cat was showered with love and food. Able is allowed to wander freely around the garden and outdoors; however, when he ventures too far, the other strays gang up on him, and he returns home hopping. As a result, the family now keeps him inside their two-story home all the time. Able’s favorite pastime is running up to his “big brother” Copter’s bedroom every morning to wake him up. Copter stated that Able is an integral part of their family, and they engage in normal activities with him. Despite losing his legs, Able discovered a nurturing home where he is pampered and has a great life.

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