Tiktok Were Left In Tears By Endearing Moment Rescued Cat Realized It Already Found Forever Home

Pets don’t know how to speak, but they have thinkings and emotions like humans. And the moment this rescued cat learned he was meant to be adopted by his current owner has touched millions of hearts on the Internet.

On November 15, an Australian woman posted a short clip capturing the moment her cat, Albert, already realized she was his owner forever. The touching video has attracted 6.8M viewers and 2.4M likes.

The sweet boy appeared in the video nestling into his mom while she was hugging him. The endearing scene showed us how much the woman loved Albert.

People were left with teary eyes to witness the moment. A Tiktok user wrote “I’m sobbing. The gratitude, the relief, the love this precious being feels. Thank you for giving them their forever home,” while another added, “Anyone who adopts elderly animals gets to cut the line in heaven. YOU ARE A SAINT.”

Before we had the video, let’s make it clear that things didn’t come easy to Albert, who used to be a stray cat, and his mother. The cat had spent two years living on the street avoiding every human he encountered before he met the woman.

But at that time, the woman didn’t intend to adopt him. She just rescued him to the vet and hoped he would recover soon. The feline, covered in fleas with a swollen heat, suffered from severe injuries and extreme dehydration. He was diagnosed positive for FIV and was taken to a shelter for further treatment.

Things got the worst on a terrible night when he was said not to be able to overcome his illness anymore. However, Albert went through it and spent the next three months on his recovery.

Seeing the cat bravely fight for his survival, the woman eventually decided to adopt him. Here is a sum-up video of the journey Albert comes to his human and lives with her.

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