This Grandmother And Her Cat Were So Inseparable That They Passed Away The Same Day

This granny and her cat were so connected that even perish couldn’t separate them. Four hours after the 15-year-old cat perished, so did the grandma. Gabby was two years old when her grandparents adopted her, and when they brought her home, she walked upstairs, found a bed to snuggle up in, and settled down.

The cat seemed to have known she was at the proper place, both for a snooze and for a lifetime. Grandpa passed not long after Gabby became a permanent member of the family, so Grandma couldn’t keep up with a huge house on her alone, so she and the cat moved into a senior apartment complex.

According to Jill Layton:

“When I was a child, I was in love with the love relationship between my grandmother and Gabby, and I knew that as soon as I could get my own pet, I would. I wanted the same company and unconditional love that Grandma and Gabby offered each other.”

Gabby spent her days with Grandma and her evenings walking on her head while attempting to sleep till the end. They began to age at around the same time, yet they remained two nice old ladies who valued one other’s company.

Gabby no longer engaged much with Grandma as they grew older, and her health deteriorated as she grew older. And Grandma couldn’t eat much more since she had lost a lot of weight, indicating that this pair of close companions was reaching the end.

Gabby was ready to leave when Grandma took her to the vet, where they agreed it was best for her to be euthanized. Grandma comforted her best friend as she closed her eyes for the last time, a very hard situation for everyone who has ever had to go through this and even harder for this grandmother who grew old in the company of her cat.

Grandma had lost her greatest companion, and perhaps her soulmate. Grandma returned home after Gabby had left and fell asleep on the couch, from which she never awoke. She passed away four hours after Gabby.

Perhaps it was simply her time and a bizarre coincidence, she perished sad, or their spirits couldn’t be parted.

Jill stated:

“My dog and I are now as enamored with each other as Grandma and Gabby.” And I owe it to my grandmother to teach in me the value of having and loving pets. I like to imagine Gabby was there in spirit by Grandma as she breathed her last breath, just as Grandma had done with Gabby a few hours before. They’re buried together, and I’m sure their bond is still just as strong.”

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