The One-Eared Kitten Who Stole Our Hearts by Waving at Us and Hopping Around

As the kitten roamed around the shelter, he greeted anyone he met with a friendly wave from his one ear, and eagerly awaited for someone to take notice of him.

When Hopper, a 9-month-old kitten, arrived at The Alaska Humane Society, it was because his previous family couldn’t take care of him anymore. Despite being in a new environment, the little guy was full of energy and just wanted to be loved. Once he received the necessary medical attention, including neutering, he was taken to the recovery room to rest. However, Hopper wasn’t content with just resting. He had his sights set on finding the perfect family for himself. As soon as he woke up, he stood up on his hind legs and tried to get attention from anyone who passed by. The vet believes that Hopper’s ear deformity is due to an old injury, but it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. In fact, it adds character to his already adorable face, and Hopper wears it with pride.

According to Shannon Basner, the founder of Alaska’s KAAATs, Hopper is an extremely lovable boy who possesses vivacity, sophistication, and a charming personality. He enjoys playing, but his ultimate goal is to give and receive affection. Hopper quickly became friends with the shelter’s staff and volunteers, and his friendly nature and constant need for attention won everyone over. He is a talkative and highly affectionate cat who adores human interaction.

The initial idea was to give Hopper ample time to recover before presenting him for adoption. However, the attractive feline was impatient and had other plans. As fate would have it, a couple from Alaska was actively seeking a furry addition to their household. They scheduled an appointment at the shelter for a face-to-face encounter, but unfortunately, Hopper was resting in another room during their weekend visit.

As they browsed the cats available for adoption, a particular feline caught their attention. It was a one-eared cat who seemed to crave attention. Upon learning about this unique cat from shelter volunteer Arleen, they decided to check it out. During their visit to the back area, the cat named Hopper immediately showed an affectionate interest in them, and they knew they were meant to be together. Shannon shared with Love Meow that Hopper had made it clear that they were the perfect match for each other.

The moment the couple stepped into the room, Hopper sprang up onto his hind legs and began waving his paws wildly in the air. He was determined to grab their attention and demanded affection from them without taking no for an answer. Hopper’s adorable one-eared feature and big, innocent eyes were so endearing that the couple instantly felt drawn towards him. By the time he reached out his paws towards them, they knew that they had found their perfect furry companion.

Shannon exclaimed with Love Meow that when Hopper extended his lovely little paws, they all fell in love with him. It was a mutual feeling as Hopper instantly felt comfortable in the arms of his new owner. He didn’t have to be showcased on the adoption floor, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

The pair had visited the animal shelter with the intention of meeting different cats, but to their surprise, they were selected by a charming feline with only one ear. This unique kitty made an instant connection with them and they knew they had found their new companion. “From now on, Hopper will embark on a brand new adventure with his loving forever family.”

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