The Cats Have To Live In The Dump: Trying To Save The Sick Kitten That Is Taking Its Last Breath

I spotted a few kittens living in this filthy place. All the kittens here are very shy and wild, some of them are injured and seriously ill. I have to help this cat. I will use protective gloves to catch it, in case it gets agitated and attacks me. It took me about 10 minutes to reach and catch it.

The kitten’s health is not good, it has quite a few wounds on its body. I will give the cat medicine. Well, I have to feed the kittens before giving the medicine. The kitten was screaming and seemed a little agitated because it was afraid of me. I brought him some water, but the kitten neither wanted to drink nor eat.

I had to use protective gloves to examine the cat. All of the kitten’s teeth are broken. In addition, the palate and tongue of the kittens are rotten. I will clean the kitten’s eye of pus and then I have to take it to the vet. I will try to feed the kitten before taking it to the vet because it is very hungry.

I’m going to take the poor cat to the vet right now. We are waiting for the test results from the veterinarian’s clinic. The doctor said it will take more than 10 days for the cat to be discharged and return home, it needs to be monitored more closely.

I went home and waited patiently for information from the doctors, hoping for a speedy recovery. Now, after a period of care in the veterinary hospital, the cat’s health is much better. I brought it home. I will raise her and give her a home, she won’t have to suffer in the dumps anymore.

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