The Cats and their weird activities image compilation.

The Cats and their weird activities image compilation.

Have you ever walked into a room, looked at your cat, and thought, “This creature must be out of this world?” The simple mind of a mortal human finds it hard to comprehend the behavior of cats.

Sometimes it feels like is the my cat? What is he/she really trying to do ? The images below shows that what all can cats do when alone or in your absence or when they are in the mood to play.

One can imagine felines sleeping in awkward positions. They make weird facial expressions. When the kitties decide to do things the way humans do, things get even funnier.

Here is a bunch of cats images who are acting weird. If you have ever witnessed the same and have an image of your pet so do share it below with all the others.

1. My friend is unique so is his cat .

2. My sister’s cat sits like this every day.

3. My friend found the cat in the bathroom.

4. Cats Are Weird.

5. My Friend’s Cat having lunch.

6. This cat saw the kids play and now when the kids slept she wants to play in the same way the kids were playing.

7. Cat sitting on the stair same like a human .

8. Practicing for the dinner outside with family.

9. Helping the owner. 

10. Cats like to sleep in weird positions.

11. Some yoga practice.

12. Selfie time.

13. Tired of work.

14. Cats strange sitting position.

15. Cats can be great pole dancers.

16. Someone needs to give this cat an exorcism.

17. What`s this ?

18. The reason I can’t have cats.

19. My Aunt Has Weird Cats.

20. My cat likes to sleep on my head.

21. No words for my cat.

22. George Is A Cat That Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs.

23. When i came back from the movie.

24. My boy jumps in the fridge when I open it.

25. My cat acting as a thief .

26. Trying making a dish.

27. The Cats really are Weird.

Waiting for some of your cat images. Share it with your loved ones and see what their cat does . 

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