The Cat Was Dropped From The 8th Floor By The Children, What Terrible Thing Happened To It?

This story happened four years ago. The children threw the little kitten from the eighth floor of the house and looked down laughing, they were even so cruel that they wanted to see from above, where the cat would “fly”. A girl passed by. Her name is Tamara.

She saw a small living creature sprawled on the pavement in a pool of its own blood. And the voices of the children who had thrown it down from above echoed: “Hey, is the cat alive or not?” Tamara was shocked and stunned by the cruelty of the children.

But then the cat startled slightly, making a weak wheeze. The girl trembled and quietly picked up the unfortunate cat from the ground and immediately brought it to the veterinary clinic. There, a kitten that nearly lost its life was cleaned of dried blood from its broken nose.

They put a plaster on the feet. On the second day, Tamara rushed to the animal clinic to check on the cat’s condition. The plaster was removed from its leg. She named it Timoshka!

They explained that the cat’s front paw had a torn wound, everything was decaying here, and it would lose its leg without surgery. The kitten did not move as pus and plaster fragments were removed from the wound on its leg. After that, Timoshka underwent surgery and was prescribed treatment. Tamara not only treated the cat for a week or two but for many long months. It has a fever, is constantly groaning and crying in pain.

Even if its tail is broken, gradually it will heal. That moment made Tamara remember the days when she was so happy watching Timoshka recover. After all, the cat has already started taking its first steps with its broken paw. Yes, you could call it brave steps. Although the kitten cannot walk steadily and can only limp.

But everything that was painful and dangerous to the cat’s life was gone. Timosha recovered quickly and grew up. Now, she lives quietly and happily with the Tamara family. Despite having a new home, the sad thing is that the cat will be disabled for life. The jaw is slightly tilted to one side. But this is not what upset the cat. It shows great gratitude to the woman for her salvation to it. And Tamara will try to forget forever what happened to the kitten.

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