The Cat That Lost One Eye Was Walking And looking In the Window… Hoping To Find a Home!

A feral cat lives on the streets of a city in Russia. Although the cat is only a few years old, living on the street has already left a distinct mark on its face. Fighting for food with other animals has left its face covered with scars, and it seems it even has a broken eye.

Despite the complicated life, this feral cat still loves humans and is attracted to them, but it receives absolutely no attention from them. All the locals know about the cat’s love for everyone. Many people have seen the cat climb up the window and sadly look out the window, where the human is moving, its eyes are very interesting.

Especially the cat that often looks at everyone’s home life in the cold season, it also wants to be petted and petted. It seems the cat has never known what it’s like to be kind and affectionate or to be loved. But he desperately wants them in his life. But then an unlucky journey on the street of the cat ended unexpectedly.

Ekaterina saw the cat on the street and decided to help it. The girl caught the cat and immediately gave it to the vet. The cat courageously endured both the examination and treatment, but unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save the damaged eye. The cat was nicknamed Braver, both for the reason it lacked one eye and for its austere appearance and battle scars.

On the outside, the cat looks quite strict and easygoing, but no one knows that Braver’s exterior is a combination of tenderness and kindness, it loves people very much. The cat is very affectionate, loves to cuddle and sit in the arms of its new owner. Braver expressed gratitude to those who gave him a home and care. From now on, it will live happily ever after.

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