She Handed This Hungry Newborn Pup Over To The Shelter Cat, But Lost It When The Cat Saved His Life

Have you ever had more than one pet? It is one of the more interesting experiences we can have in life. Animals may not get along in the wild and there may be tensions when they live in different homes but when they live under the same roof, something amazing happens. It seems that animals have the ability to bond with each other, even when they are different species. You can call in instinct or perhaps just circumstance but for those of us who have experienced it, we call it love.

The following story is one that is going to convince you of what animals can do when they are put together. It is going to do more than put a smile on your face, it is going to warm and melt your heart.

The workers at the SPCA in Titusville, FL found themselves in a difficult situation. They worked in the adoption center and they took in a pregnant Chihuahua. Debra Cantwell, the adoption coordinator, was there to see what happened.

The Chihuahua gave birth prematurely and lost two of the puppies during childbirth. Most people would think that the motherly instincts would kick into high gear but she ended up rejecting the other puppies.

This is when Debra had an idea. Nessy, a Siamese cat was upstairs and she was busy caring for her own litter of kittens. Might it be possible that she would also nurse the surviving Chihuahua pups?

There are times when interspecies relationships don’t work but Nessy was thrilled to take care of those puppies.

“We took the puppies to see if she’d like them and she loved them,” Debra recalled


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