Say Hello To Fen Fen, The Adorable Cat Has The Chubbiest Cheeks Ever

We always adore chubby cats because they are big, fluffy, and cute. Therefore, when we saw this adorable cat, we immediately fell in love with him and couldn’t stop sharing his pics.

Meet Fen Fen, an Exotic Shorthair cat who is winning the Internet’s heart thanks to his chubby cheeks. It took some digging to find his home, but we found that he belongs to the Pink Pig Cattery, in Shanghai.

It looks like someone trimmed his face to have the chubbiest cheeks. But no matter what happened to his cheeks, nobody can deny that he is majestic and floof. And of course, people couldn’t stop loving him and watching his cute pics.

Although Fen Fen’s chubby body makes him adorable, feline obesity may lead to many diseases including diabetes, skin disease, and arthritis/joint pain. For this reason, we hope his owner always care for him to ensure he is healthy and comfortable.

Do you want to squish his floofy cheeks? Let us know your thoughts in comments below! If you love Fen Fen and his pics, please share this post with yourr friends and family members!

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