Rescued Cat Becomes the Purr-fect Companion to Girl in Wheelchair

It’s always inspiring when you hear about a rescued cat that becomes the purr-fect companion.

Cat Man Chris aka Chris Poole is the human dad of Internet sensations Cole, Marmalade Jugg and Zigzag.

He spends a lot of his time looking after the colony cats in his area and often helps out local animal shelters rescuing, trapping and rehoming cats and kittens that are found on the streets or living in deplorable conditions.

cat rescue

One day when he was out feeding the colony cats he noticed there was a new arrival, a beautiful white cat.

He was very hungry and quite friendly, so Chris believed that he must’ve been owned by somebody at some point, possibly abandoned by a family moving away from the apartments nearby.

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rescued cat

Chris noticed that this kitty turned up more frequently, often replying when Chris called out to him.

He obviously enjoyed the free food and he loved it when Chris brought a catnip toy!

catnip toy

Chris thought it was time to get this kitty off the street and find him a new forever home.


So he set up a trap using a cat carrier, and with the help of catnip the whole process was easy.

It was time to take him to the shelter to get him checked over and see if he had been microchipped,


There was always the chance that he hadn’t been abandoned and was just a kitty that had lost his way.

It was plain to see for all that this kitty enjoyed human company, but little did they know he was about to become the purr-fect companion.

Now known as Richey, he became a favourite with all the volunteers and would often jump up onto any available lap seeking attention!

cat man chris

And as you have seen he makes the perfect companion for Kiley.

They had found a kitty that wasn’t afraid of her powered wheelchair and it’s adorable the way he spends most of his time giving her kisses and love.


It’s such a beautiful site to see both of them become firm friends.

A big thank you to Cat Man Chris for making this all possible and for making both Richey and Kiley extremely happy.

The Purr-fect Match!

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