Rescued 5 Abandoned Newborn Kittens By Their Mother!

The mother cat is missing and the baby kittens are crying because they are very hungry. They’re crying when I put them in the box to take them home.

I give them milk so they don’t miss their mother, I don’t understand why the mother cat abandoned them, poor thing.

Usually, these cats are weak, so I will take care of them and keep an eye on them, it seems they are only a few days old.I will replace the mother cat to help the children it abandoned, hope they are not too weak, maybe the mother cat cannot afford to raise her children, so she left.

At first, I will give them a small house full of milk and water. It’s sad because these kittens are supposed to have mother’s milk but it’s OK.

They are newborns, so I will take good care of them with other cats in the house, in the future these abandoned cats will become part of my family, I love them so much!

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