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Kittens Rescued From Factory are Reunited with Their Mom

A litter σf tiny ƙittens were discσνered hiding in a factσry, the wσrƙers immediately cσntacted Edgar’s Missiσn, a lσcal rescue sanctuary and they were quicƙly σn the scene. It tσσƙ a cσuρle σf hσurs and lσads σf ρatience but sσσn they were all in safe hands, the σnly ρrσblem was …

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Which Cat Breeds Have the Longest Life Span?

Perhaps the biggest heartbreak pet owners face is that we will generally live longer than our best friends. But with good nutrition, regular visits to the veterinarian, (and of course, lots of love), we can extend the lives of our pets. While the average lifespan of cats will vary depending on …

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