Мeеt Jaрanese Grumрy Cat, Who Is Evеn Grumрiеr Than The Оriginаl One

“From the dawn of time they came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives…” Meet Koyuki, the Scottish fold cat that is angrier than Grumpy Cat, and with whom Koyuki will no doubt battle one day for Internet supremacy. Cleverly named Koyuki, which means “light snow” in Japanese, this dangerous feline has … Read more

Тоuching Моment Mаn Gеts Finallу Reunited With Реt Cat Who’s Веen Gone For 7 Yеars

Losing a pet can be terribly heartbreaking. It’s definitely the kind of problem animal lovers wouldn’t want to experience. Take it from this guy named Robert who lost his beloved cat Chebon many years ago as he was making plans of moving to Ohio from California. When his pet suddenly went missing, he immediately began … Read more

“Feline Discovery: A Mother Cat and Her Litter of 4 Kittens Unearthed in Basement by a Cleaner in an Empty Residence”

While cleaning a vacant home, someone stumbled upon a feline mother with her four little ones in a laundry basket located in the basement. Goldie, a mother cat and her four kittens, were discovered by a Good Samaritan who was contracted to clean a vacant house. The cats were found in a laundry basket in … Read more