“My Feline Friend: The Ultimate Gentle Giant That Rivals My 4-Year-Old’s Height”

This big kitty will climb any “meowntain”! Yuliya Minina, hailing from Stary Oskol, Russia, is convinced that her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Kefir, is the biggest cat in the world. She shares pictures and videos of Kefir’s unforgettable size on both Instagram and his own TikTok page. In one popular video posted on her Instagram account, which has received over 2,000 likes, Kefir stands on his hind legs and opens a door handle to make his way outside. He then lounges in the grass like a massive cat-erpillar before taking up half of a reclining chair and climbing a tree. Cat lovers can’t help but stop and leave a comment on this incredible content!

Cat stands on his hind legs next to 4-year-old girl.

This feline is quite the tall one, almost reaching the height of a young girl who is four years old.

Yuliya Minina poses with her cat Kefir as he sits in the window.

Meet Kefir, a gorgeous Maine Coon feline!

Kefir wears sunglasses and a black shirt as he sits behind the wheel of a car.

Kefir seems determined to become the largest feline on the planet! This was evident from a picture posted on Instagram by user @yuliyamnn. The cat looks absolutely gorgeous in the photo!





An enthusiastic admirer exclaimed, “Wow!” while another praised Kefir as intelligent. A year back, Minina shared a video on Instagram where Kefir’s size was as tall as her 4-year-old child as she prepared food in the kitchen.

Kefir is a towering feline who is named after the creamy milk drink, thanks to his resemblance with his white-colored fur. Although it’s uncertain about Kefir’s current size, he gained significant media attention in 2022 when he was merely two years old and already weighed over 28 pounds. This weight is more than what an average Maine Coon or a toddler weighs! Typically, male Maine Coons weigh around 18 pounds, whereas females weigh an average of 12 pounds. These cats have an average length of three feet, which includes their tail.

Minina shared with SWNS in 2022 that she was amazed at how a seemingly average kitten could grow into such a large cat like Kefir. She also mentioned that Maine Coons can continue to grow for up to 3-4 years, which means Kefir may not have stopped growing yet and could potentially become even bigger.

Kefir takes a mirror selfie.

Kefir behaves in a way that resembles humans.

Kefir sits in a chair and wears big headphones.

The owner of Kefir has a passion for capturing his adorable moments and sharing them on her social media platform. She frequently posts pictures of her furry friend for her followers to enjoy.

Kefir stands on his hind legs against a cabinet with cat food on top.

Kefir, a cat owned by Minina, has a unique ability to stand on his hind legs and reach things without any trouble. This adorable cat often gets mistaken for a dog due to his playful nature and gentle demeanor. Despite his formidable appearance, Kefir is a loving and humble pet who has grown up to be both big and smart. However, his size can sometimes make it uncomfortable for Minina to have cat naps with him as he likes to climb on her and sleep at night. While it was not inconvenient when he was a kitten, it has become difficult for her to sleep like that now that he is big and heavy. Share your thoughts on Kefir in the comments section.

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