Miraculous Journey To Save The Life Of A Blind Cat.

We saved a lot of stray cats before …But this time, we found this poor cat in very bad condition, he was screaming and suffering alone. He missed his two eyes and pus-filled his eyes and faces.

Immediately we cleaned his face as much as possible on the street. We took the cat went to the vet and were waiting for our turn.

We’re trying to calm him down in the X-ray room.

So the doctor makes an X-ray for him. We supported the doctor to keep him calm on the table. The doctors performed a general examination on him and cleaned his eyes and face.

The doctor laid down a blanket for the cat because he was full of ants and insects so we wanted them to go from his body to the blankets.

The doctor examines the jaw and he found that the jaw has broken, the bones fused in the wrong way. Tongue and mouth dirty because the jaw doesn’t close properly.

Doctor cleaning the tongue

Then after coming home, he got his first meal. After the meal, he sleeps from tiredness. I know the cat was a stressful day but you have to take medicine.

We take care of him, cleaning him with dry shampoo and brush every day.

7 months later…

… he has changed a lot, and his health is getting better and better.

Now our friend is happy and in good health. We love him so much!

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