Meet The Beautifully Blue British Shorthair Cat — The Teddy Bear Of The Cat World (12 Pics)

They are well-built, sociable cats who don’t suffer from the breed-specific problems that some other pedigree lines have, giving them long lifespans.

The British Shorthair is a medium to large cat, with males weighing between 9 and 17 pounds and females ranging between 7 and 12 pounds.

They take around three years to reach their maximum size and can survive for 14 to 20 years if given proper care.

British Shorthairs are calm cats and prefer to live life on the floor. As they have a reputation for being a bit of a klutz, they are unlikely to climb the drapes or leap on countertops.

They are often kind to other animals; their relationships with other dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds are generally positive.

British Shorthair’s don’t often spend too much time on your lap, and after a few minutes, they will likely jump off.

They are known as “four paws on the ground” cats and dislike being picked up and cuddled.

This doesn’t imply that they don’t appreciate praise and adoration. Far from it, actually.

The British Shorthair adores your company and adores being petted and stroked. Just let her approach you and be mindful of her personal space.

Trio of the most adorable blue british shorthair kittens napping

When you’re at work, the adult British Shorthair will sleep all day, and when you get home, it won’t leave your side.

Despite the fact that the British Shorthair cat comes in a variety of colors, hues like chocolate and lavender or a Himalayan pattern are a no-go since they show that the cat has been mixed with another breed.

The British Shorthair’s eyes can be deep sapphire blue, gold, green, blue-green, hazel, or copper, depending on the color of his coat.

They are excellent first pets and are perfect for both family households and as a feline friend for someone living alone because they are often quite easy to care for and fiercely independent.

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