Meet Quimera, The Chimera Kitten Has Purrfectly Two-Toned Face

Two-faced cats are a rare sight, and Venus is one of the most famous felines to have a purrfectly two-tone face. However, in this post, we would like to introduce to you a new two-face in town. And we are sure that you can’t get enough of this cat.

Meet Quimera, a gorgeous cat from Argentina whose face is split into two different colors, including her eyes. Not surprisingly, her unusual features are quickly winning the hearts of the internet.

Quimera’s face is perfectly divided into two parts. On one side of her face, she is an orange tabby with a gold eye. But on the other, she’s a black cat with a piercing blue eye.

There’s a distinct line splitting her face in two, and it continues down her chest and front legs, where the unique coloring is the exact opposite to her face.

It’s unclear of what caused Quimera’s coloration, but one possible explanation is that she’s a chimera cat. These special felines have each half of their faces is a completely different color, including their eyes.

Either way, she’s unique and absolutely gorgeous!

Despite her obvious oddity, she has gotten pretty famous for her mismatched face. She has over 88,000 followers on Instagram, where is updated regularly about her kitty life.

If you love Quimera, you can follow her on Instagram and share her pictures with your friends and family members!

Check out this unique and adorable kitty on her Instagram page.

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