Became Friends And Helped The Feral Cat, Watch And Feel The Love Of Cats!

For the first time when we met, I felt that this cat was quite shy and appeared to be afraid of me, he often comes to my door and looks like he needs food, I sat him he was too skinny and was hungry too .

I had no experience of petting a cat, so I decided to leave food and water at the door for him because he looked hungry but her innocence and cuteness made me do so.

After about 2 weeks of coming to my house regularly, he gained weight, but was still scared of me, he often looked at me after eating and walked away, he often used to look at me through the glass window every time he eats his food.

But after a while of being fed, he seemed comfortable and started to trust me.

The next day I decided to open the door to see if he would come in, but it seems quite difficult when I approach him.

He didn’t come in, I decided to install him a small house warm enough and put it outside the door because the weather outside is very cold, I was still trying to get him to come up to me!

He just wanted to get the treat, but he didn’t trust me.

Then he took the food from my hand and that was the turning point where I could pet him, I used cat food to lure him into the house, and he got close enough to me!

He explores every corner of the house and seems like he like it, that was the moment he realized he was home.

I just leave him alone, he’s running around the house and playing. Like I said I’m not a cat person but I want him to stay inside with me which changed me as a person and made me kind of understand and learn what it’s like to take care of something else.

You never choose a cat, a cat chooses you, and for sure he chose me!

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