Lucy, aged 39 is believed to be the oldest cat in the world.

Lucy might have been the oldest cat in the world after reaching her 39th birthday which made her a record breaker!

Bill, inherited Lucy when his wife’s Godmother died in 1999 but it wasn’t until an elderly aunt came to visit that he realized Lucy was in fact a record breaker.

‘My aunt saw the cat and could not believe her eyes.’ Bill said.

The elderly aunt could remember Lucy scampering around the local fish and chip shop when she was a kitten back in 1972.

The family talked to other people who could verify seeing her in the fish and chip shop in the early seventies.

So, deaf but happy, Lucy is believed to be the oldest cat in the world.

Lucy 39 could be the oldest cat in history

‘We knew she was old but not that old!’ her dad said.

Lucy’s vet was amazed by the cat’s long life although it was not possible for him to determine an exact age.

Due to aging, Lucy had gone deaf but apart from that she was in good shape and extremely independent.

Despite her old age, Lucy was still fit as a fiddle – and she could be seen catching mice in the garden.

She lived her twilight years with her loving family in South Wales (UK) and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2011, shortly after reaching her 39th birthday.

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