I Came Home From Work and Found a Cat Sitting in My Chair, I Don’t Have a Cat!

A man got a big surprise one day when he got home from work only to find a cat sitting in his chair, thing is, he doesn’t have a cat!


“I came home to find this little floof just chillin in my house. He must have come in through an open window, I don’t own a cat.” said Nigeltown on Imgur.

“He had no collar and was meowing like crazy. I decided he must be hungry so I ran to the store and got some kitty food and other supplies. Lil gato was so happy! He was meowing/purring as he ate.”


“I left for a bit to canvas the neighborhood. None of my neighbors have any cats.”


The next day Nigel took him to the vet.

“He doesn’t have a chip, but he did have worms and fleas. Got him his shots and some meds.”


“Gato immediately took to his new surroundings and sits on or around me whenever he needs a break from tearing around my place like a demon cat.”


“Throughout the next week I talked to all of my surrounding neighbors. Nobody had any momma cats or kittens missing.”


He obviously feels right at home, as soon as he found the bathroom he leapt straight into the tub!


“I named him Buddy and he seems to love his new place,” said Nigel.

“My Buddy boy. He adopted me.”


I do so love a story with a happy ending!

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