Hissing Feral Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him

On the island of Crete there are many thousands of abandoned and stray cats and dogs. Most of them wander the streets, malnourished and in terrible condition.

The government and most of the population, do nothing.

This is why one man, Takis, has devoted his life to helping animals and to also try and get people change to their attitude towards them.

He opened an animal shelter in 2013 with his own money, today, because his own wealth has run out, he relies on donations from people around the world.

Scroll down for the video story of a hissing stray kitty that he found at the side of the road with a tin can stuck on his head.takis-1

When Takis was on his way to town one day, he spotted a cat by the side of the road that must’ve been very hungry because he had a tin can stuck on his head.

So he picked the cat up and took him to his car, where he could safely remove the can.

As soon as he removed the can the cat began to hiss at him, I’ve got a wild boy here, thought Takis.

He now had to make a decision, should he let the cat free or should he take it back to the shelter.takis-2

The cat appeared to be in good condition and as there were houses not too far away, there was a possibility that he belonged to a family.

So he decided to let the cat choose whether to stay or go.

He opened the car door and counted to 10, if the cat was still there by the end of the countdown he would take him home with him.takis-3

This cat obviously knew what was good for him because he stayed in the car so Takis took him home.takis-4

After a trip to the vet it only took five days for Takis to change this hissing kitty into a purring kitty!takis-5

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