Hilarious Photos Of Cats Cats Who Are Unprepared For The Realities Of Parenthood

All females look forward to raising children at a certain point in life, whether they want to adopt one or give birth to one, is their personal choice. The life of “Motherhood” is not an easy one, no matter how prepared one might think they are, they still tend to miss out on a few loopholes which obviously come along with experience and being in the present moment with the child. However, for some mothers, it is an absolutely beautiful experience pre and post-pregnancy. They are the perfect planners who have everything planned out, they have contemplated all the possibilities that can take place.

While that is true for women, female cats are somewhat similar, they have their own cognitions that allow them to think all of it through. Their mommy instincts can get them tingled up to have the cutest kitten and raise them in the most sophisticated manner. While others, just are not able to comprehend the situation at hand, which can, in turn, result in “mommy burnout”, even for cats.

These pictures are a clear example of all the cats who are unprepared to face the realities of parenthood.

1. The annoyed face of feeling like a milk factory machine.


2. Even with adoption, moms get tired of the hectic routine.

3. The father cat just needs a couple, too many drinks to fade into his bachelor life.

4. The shenanigans that take place, thinking of the mother as a playground.

5. Who needs a crib, when you can rest on your fluffy and comfy mom!

6. She is just contemplating her life decisions a bit too much.

So many tiny fur buddies crawling around the mom can get way too overwhelming sometimes. The entire process of giving birth, itself, is not an easy one. Though we cannot relate to it on the same level, having twins for us itself is enough to drive us crazy attending to them both all at once. However, considering all of that, the cute element of this all is shooting off the roofs.

7. They all need a few hours of sleep to refuel.

8. That moment of being in a midlife crisis and the cherry on top, baby kittens.

9. The doggo is enjoying it a bit too much.

10. The face of terror when you find out about your unexpected pregnancy.

11. The over-protective mother who loves their child!

12. An entire compilation of disappointment and exhaustion.

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