Here Are 15 ‘Hissterical’ Reasons Why One Shouldn’t Adopt A Cat

You have to be really brave to adopt a cat.

We are very familiar with a cat’s unique personality and no it definitely not like that of a dog that anyone believes is very easy to deal with. Dogs are different, see they abide and are believers of mutual understanding. In the case of a cat, it is the complete opposite of what I just said. Cats do not understand what the word mutual means. Cats are highly independent and would love to spend life as loners. No, not the way human loners are who cry because they are alone, cats are pumped with energy so, with a companion or not, you bet your ass it is going to make sure all that energy is consumed in the best way possible. These enthusiasts love adventure, be it traveling the world or making a mess out of your house, cats will do whatever the hell they want to do, and that too with zero regrets. And maybe that is what so many cat lovers love about them making cats the most adopted animal in the world, tied right up there with dogs.

Today’s post is for someone who is planning to adopt a pet animal for the firm time, it is a joy. But we are going to give you some solid reasons why not to adopt a cat as your first pet because these things can make your life hell and make you question all life choices.

Here are some reasons why one shouldn’t get a cat

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1. You shouldn’t get a cat because cats are very obedient of time. If your cat eats lunch at 2:30 p.m. and gets served at 2:31 p.m., you will find it disappointed and protesting.


2. A normal person sets up alarms to wake up in the morning, not when you have a cat. Your cat will be your natural alarm.

3. No matter how elegantly you serve them the food, they will throw it all on the floor and then eat it from there because why not?

4. Forget that you have privacy if you had any before getting a cat because that animal will follow you to your grave, not getting tired of that detective skillset.

5. If it so happens you get a cake to celebrate your birthday, be sure to lock that floof up because it will not waste a second sending it down its drain.

And it will eat it like it is laughing in your face.

6. I am sure you know that satisfaction of pooping in pure isolation, well that satisfaction is going to go away because the cats love enjoying the smell of your poop and will always be uninvited guests to the bathroom.

7. They love changing their favorite spots by the hour, and if your toilet becomes one that spots you will have to hold it until it decides to move.

So, have we managed to feed the seed into you so far? It is not an easy job to live with a cat. It is a wonderful experience though, we are not taking anything away from cats but you have to be very patient with it.

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8. If there is you and a cat in a house, the dominant personality is going to be that cat.

9. As a wife, you need to beware that if your cat takeover your husband, your chances of getting him back are second to none.

10. Classic page in a cat’s book, takeover your owner’s bed and just not leave. So think about it, do you need a cat or your favorite sleeping spot?


11. And yeah, you will never see a sign of regret on their face. They own everything they do.

12. They will do whatever the hell they want to and not feel ashamed of it at all. A life every human dreams of.

13. They will commit a crime and through you under the bus like they never did anything and you did everything.

14. Clingy could be a synonym for cat, they will stick to you like glue if they are in the mood. Your mood doesn’t count.

15. They will go to sleep wherever and whenever they want but you will never go to sleep whenever or wherever you want to. Your sleep pattern is decided by the cat.

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