Helping a Friendly Abandoned Cat Named Little Bear

It’s always distressing to hear about an abandoned cat, especially when they once lived with a family

Thankfully there are volunteers like Flatbush Cats. They’re an organization that focuses on reducing the outdoor cat population in Brooklyn, New York.

There are over 500,000 cats on the streets of New York City and Flatbush Cats focus on trap, neuter and return training (TNR), mentoring and educating people in this process and of course cat rescue and adoption.

little bear

One day, a neighbor of Flatbush Cats found an abandoned cat on their porch, apparently he’d been trying to find a way to sneak inside.

There was a heavy chain around his neck which they quickly removed.

friendly kitty

They named him Little Bear and wondered why such an amazing kitty would be abandoned.

He was about 12 months old, much like most of the cats they found on the street, he was about to reach maturity.

friendly abandoned cat

Little bear had not been neutered and because of this he would have strong smelling urine.

This is one of the reasons that many male cats of his age are abandoned.

abandoned cat

Flatbush believe that if every major city had free or low-cost spray and neuter programs available, you would see a lot less cats on the streets.

abandoned little bear

They had decided to give this once abandoned cat the full name of Marching Little Bear, because he was always making biscuits.

abandoned kitty

After a few days rest, Little Bear was ready to show off his hunting skills and very good he was too.

Cats of his age need a lot of exercise and play hunting is a very good way to get rid of all that excess energy.

playful cat

Little bear loves his playtime but his favourite past time was napping, especially when he was next to someone.

This playful kitty was a delight to be with, and after being neutered and getting his vaccinations, it wasn’t difficult to find a family that wanted to adopt him.

friendly cat

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