“Heartbeat, Suspenseful” To Rescue The Cat Stuck In The Water Pipe, Screaming Miserably!

The cat was found by passers-by stuck in a pipe when they heard a meow.

Someone said they heard the humming sound and guessed it was stuck there for about 2 days.They used a hand saw to try to cut through the tube and avoid where the cat was stuck.

He must be very hungry and thirsty, he cries less when he knows someone is coming to save him, poor cat.

I don’t understand how this cat got stuck here, maybe it was hungry and found food on its own, or found shelter, but unfortunately got stuck in the water pipe, quite lucky for the cat to have who promptly heard its cry

Everyone who witnessed the cat’s process felt very sorry for it, they gave it food and water, then they checked and the cat was not hurt at all.

It’s exhausted from hunger and thirst, but it’s okay, it’ll recover soon.!

Many netizens after seeing the story left positive comments:

– “If it were me, I’d cut the pipe and save it too”!

– “My family also has a cat, but because of a small accident, my cat died, looking at this picture I am very touched, if I have a chance, I will raise that cat”!.
– “Quickly take it to the vet for special care, if you especially love that cat, the friend who saved the cat can raise it”.

I think after the above incident, if you have pets like cats at home, keep an eye on them, they are very playful, and small cats that are prone to accidents, they need more care!

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