Guy Doesn’t Own A Cat, Finds 5 Kittens In His Room, And Hilarity Ensues

This story dates back a few years ago.

As you all know, usually the cat chooses the human, not the other way around. They will enter your house and decide it is theirs. There is nothing you can do about it. Just accept your fate and love that catto for the rest of your life. Consider yourself lucky because not everyone is chosen by these lovable balls of fur. Cats have the ability to turn your life around. That too, in a good way. So if a cat follows you home, or enters your house, just keep it without question. You have been blessed with their presence.

This story dates two years back when a cat broke into a man’s home and gave birth to four cute little kittens inside the house. Now imagine, you come home and you hear a bunch of “mews” and you discover a cat with her cute little furballs. The guy decided to keep them all. What an amazing human being. He calls himself a #CatDad now, and rightfully so.

He has been giving constant updates on the cat family for two years now, and it is incredibly wholesome. The most recent update was about their 2-year anniversary together. Scroll down below to see the wholesome family:

This wasn’t his cat, but it was in his house anyway and gave birth to four little fur babies there.

Paris Zarcilla lives in London and is a film director and writer. He entered his room one day to get his jumper and finish a few chores when he spotted a cat, along with four tiny kittens. Needless to say, his day did not go as planned.

He cancelled all his plans and decided to take care of the cat family. He took the role of cat dad and took the responsibility on his shoulders quite well. Even though he did not intend on keeping the cats, after consulting cat protection, vets, and charities, he decided to keep all of them. He gave some short introductions on each of the little kittens on Twitter, but that was just the beginning of their family journey.

This is them now, a few years later celebrating their two-year anniversary as a strong family.

The kittens were born back in 2018, and look how big they’ve gotten now!

He posts pictures of his “pawmily” of 5 members on his Twitter quite often. But his latest update was last May posting pictures of his catto family on their two-year anniversary. “Happy Birthday my fam. I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve brought so much light to my life. You have me forever. X #Caturday #TwoYears,” read the tweet. You can see the cats in the background of most of his pictures on his Twitter. They can be seen sitting on the window sills, munching on their food or just roaming around the house.

But we are so happy the whole family found a forever home.

They also spent Christmas together, and he posted another update with their adorable picture.

People donated a lot of cat-related equipment to him to support his big family, as obviously, he was a first-time dad and was overwhelmed with the feelings and responsibility. “[I] find myself in a stage of awe at the generosity and kindness of strangers,” he tweeted.

People raised a GoFundMe for him and he received much more than he needed. And I’m sure the cats appreciated the parcel boxes more than the cat food, gifts, and other equipment. Cats are like that.

This is how he introduced the family when they were born:

So small! That cuteness should be 100!

Same as his bro, but without the aggression.

The yawn stole my heart.

Yes, storms are named after cats.

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