Found A Poor Cat Abandoned By His Owner, The Poor Cat Had To Face To Much Difficulties

Someone message us and sent us this picture. This poor cat is depressed, sadness fills up his eyes and he is in very bad condition.He is sick and the owners have abandoned him on the street.

He needs help, kindness, and tenderness from people. He was super hungry!

We took him to our home and we gave him food, water, and a warm bed. He slept like he hadn’t slept for a long time.

Then the second day at home, he looks better.The other day we took him to the vet’s clinic, the result from the vet is that he suffering from eye infections, intestinal worms, and general weakness. That is so sad.!

We cleaned his eye with an eyedrop.

Then after two weeks, his condition has been improved. We named him Charlie!

Look how much he had changed. That’s incredible.!

Of course, we continue take care of him.

Charlie now had a new home, a new owner, he will live in the happiest house of his whole life.!

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