Feline Fun: A Man’s Amusing Discovery of His Cat’s Unique Talent

Keys, a feline with a black and white coat, possesses a remarkable ability that never fails to amuse not only his family but also everyone who witnesses it. He goes by the moniker Goal kitty, and he is simply amazing.


Peter Mares from California stumbled upon his pet dog’s amusing skill by chance, adding to its appeal. One day, he observed his furry friend quickly lifting her paws upwards, as if stretching. Peter was swift in capturing the hilarious moment on camera. The next day, she repeated the same action, and Peter rewarded her with her favorite treat. “She has become familiar with the camera and does these ‘goal hands’ every time she notices it,” stated Peter.


Whenever Keys is given a treat, her owner utters the enchanting phrase, “I’m aware of what you desire.” This prompts Keys to become thrilled and excited. She immediately raises her paws and assumes her “goal” position. Her owner disclosed that each time he brings out his camera and uses the magic words, she poses perfectly for the shot.


Once Keys’ pictures went viral on the internet, a lot of people started photoshopping her funny poses into all sorts of silly situations. As a result, Keys became even more popular than before.


She resembles a determined goalie poised to deflect an incoming ball. Her energy and enthusiasm are palpable!


Keys brings joy to her human Instagram followers every day with her adorable paw poses as a goalkeeper.




FIFA definitely needs a mascot and Keys could be the perfect fit! Let’s spread the word and share this idea with our friends.

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