“Feline Discovery: A Mother Cat and Her Litter of 4 Kittens Unearthed in Basement by a Cleaner in an Empty Residence”

While cleaning a vacant home, someone stumbled upon a feline mother with her four little ones in a laundry basket located in the basement.

cat nursing kittens

Goldie, a mother cat and her four kittens, were discovered by a Good Samaritan who was contracted to clean a vacant house. The cats were found in a laundry basket in the basement with no food or water available. Lori White, a volunteer of Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) in Indiana, was reached out to about the feline family of five. The duration of their time in the house is unknown as the property was locked with a lockbox.

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A tabby cat with her four cute kittens was discovered in a laundry basket at the basement of an empty house. Lori White, the person who found them, felt that the feline family needed immediate assistance and a secure place to raise their young. She took the initiative to bring them home, where she provided food for the mom cat and started searching for a rescue center that would take them in. Although the tabby cat was undernourished and starving, she was overjoyed to finally have access to food and a hygienic environment to take care of her babies. After devouring as much as she could, she inspected her makeshift nesting place before settling down to feed her four hungry kittens.

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Goldie is an exceptional mother who takes care of her needy kittens. They seem to be in perfect condition, and their well-being indicates that Goldie has been taking great care of them. When a local resident discovered the kittens, they contacted the nearby shelter, and luckily, ARPO came forward to rescue them. Lori, an ARPO representative, expressed her gratitude to the person who brought the kittens to them, acknowledging their efforts to ensure the kittens were safe.

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Upon arrival, the tabby cat showed great friendliness. Once she had explored her new surroundings, she called out to her kittens for snack time, filling the room with a chorus of purrs and suckling sounds. You can witness this heartwarming moment in the adorable video linked below featuring Goldie the cat and her kittens. Lori was pleasantly surprised to discover that all four of the kittens were female orange tabbies. As a fun homage to the Golden Girls, Lori named the kittens Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche, after the show’s beloved characters, while their mother was dubbed Goldie. Lori notes that having four female ginger cats is quite rare, as only about 20% of gingers are female, making this little feline family all the more special.

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Mama Goldie is a furry friend who does not have any microchip and nobody has shown up to retrieve her. However, the good news is that the family of five, comprising Mama Goldie and her quadruplets, have now settled down well and will never go hungry again. The energetic and playful quadruplets are always on the prowl for adventure, and Dorothy is the one who is always eager to get some love and affection from the humans around her.

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Lori White
These little ones are such fun-loving and curious individuals who always seem to find trouble – keeping their mom on constant alert. Goldie is an amazing caretaker, tending to their every whim with patience and love.

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Lori White shares that despite being five weeks old, the kittens still prefer to nurse from their mother whenever they get a chance. She further notes that the mother cat, Goldie, keeps her kittens clean and nourished, evident from their adorable round bellies. The content concludes with Lori expressing how happy Goldie is to have a cozy home and loving helpers for her four precious offspring.

cat nursing kittens

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