Family Took In Stray Kitten Without Knowing They Needed Her Just As Much As She Needed Them

A family took in a stray kitten without knowing they needed her just as much as she did them.

Three years ago, Heidi Shoemaker said her goodbyes to a beloved young friend named Bellah, and was left with a heavy heart. Later that same day, she received a message about a tiny kitten needing help.

Heidi, who runs a cat rescue,¬†Foster Kitten Mama, immediately responded to the plea. “She was an orphaned kitten found alone in a scorching Walmart parking lot in August. I have no idea how she survived,” Heidi told Love Meow.

“The kitten was only about two weeks old. I felt I needed to go get her.”

Heidi picked up the kitten and was instantly smitten with her. The scruffy little one was very timid and looked at Heidi with her sad doe eyes.

“It sure was love at first sight when those beautiful blue eyes looked into me, so sad and scared. I named the new baby Ellah, after our friend, Bellah–a way to honor her life.”

“From then on I carried her with me, bottle-fed her and my heart melted.”

Over the next few days, Heidi nursed Ellah back to health and introduced her to other kittens in the house. But the mini panther kitty would rather cling to her foster mom and be cradled in her arms all day long.

Ellah continued the cuddling streak with Heidi each day, and showered her with the most soothing purrs.

Despite having foster siblings to hang out with, Ellah chose to follow Heidi everywhere, like her little shadow. She became Heidi’s closest confidant, a staunch friend, and the cuddliest purr machine.

“After a few weeks I realized I was getting incredibly attached. Over a month in, I knew I couldn’t give her up. I just knew I couldn’t adopt her to someone else when she was already part of my heart,” Heidi told Love Meow.

Heidi’s husband witnessed just how much Ellah meant to his wife, and that she healed her broken heart. He was on board with making the kitten a permanent member of their family.

The former parking lot kitty has blossomed into a gorgeous cat with the sweetest temperament.

She continues to accompany Heidi everywhere from the moment she wakes up in the morning to when she curls up next to her mom at night.

“Ellah can almost always be found waiting for me and will come find me downstairs if I take too long to come to bed at night,” Heidi told Love Meow.

“She sleeps by my head, always with a paw or part of her body touching me. She’s beyond special.”

Her adorable baby blues turned into beautiful hazel orbs as she grew into adulthood.

“She loves to just be with me. She gets comfort in me holding her paw while she lays her head on my arm.”

Saturday, August 20th, marked their three year anniversary with Ellah. “I am so happy this girl is in my life. I’m thankful Ellah will remind me of sweet, brave Bellah every day.”

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