Excited Stray Kitten Takes Charge and Becomes the Ultimate House Supervisor

This little stray kitty was over the moon when she found herself inside a cozy home. She was so ecstatic that she decided to take on the role of “supervisor” and keep an eye on everyone around her.

In a residential area of Montreal, Canada, a tiny kitten was discovered wandering around without any company from her mother or siblings. The Good Samaritan who spotted her couldn’t help but notice how hungry and longing for attention the kitten was. Refusing to leave her alone, the person took the kitten home and sought help to care for her. That’s when Nadia, an animal rescuer, came to the rescue and took Nannah, as they later named her, under her wing. Weighing hardly a pound and being just five weeks old, Nannah was transported to the Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue where Celine Crom shared the story with Love Meow.

Nannah was discovered outside without any company. Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescued her due to her being underweight and having some digestive problems, which required attention. Being alone in the open at such a young age made her vulnerable, and the organization is happy to have found her at the right time. She’s an amiable and self-assured kitten who didn’t show any fear during her medical checkup and even purred loudly throughout it.

Chatons Orphelins Montreal is a rescue organization that takes care of abandoned kittens like Nannah. She was rescued from the streets and taken in by Anais, Manon, and Eva, who all volunteered to help her. They provided her with the care she needed to recover from her ordeal and taught her how to eat on her own.
Nannah was overjoyed when she finally met other cats and dogs. She quickly became their little sister, full of energy and always causing mischief. Thanks to the loving care she received, Nannah was able to find her forever home and live happily ever after.

Nannah, a feline friend from Chatons Orphelins Montreal, is a social butterfly who loves making new friends. She doesn’t hesitate to approach other cats for a little nose-to-nose interaction, and enjoys playing and snuggling with them. Nannah is even fearless when it comes to wrestling with cats much larger than herself, and always takes the initiative to keep things lively.

At Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a lively kitten uses her playful tactics to give the resident animals a run for their money. With her energetic pounce and stealthy moves, she always manages to catch them off guard, even the resident dog. Her love for being around other animals is evident as she constantly seeks their company and wants to be in on all their activities. Celine, who takes care of the animals, affectionately describes her as a little diva who demands attention and affection from everyone around her.

The adorable kitten named Nannah has won over the hearts of not only her human guardians, but also the resident dog. She has learned to eat independently by observing and imitating the house cats, who have been patient with her playful behavior and helped her understand their boundaries. Despite being the smallest member of the household, Nannah’s spunkiness has earned her the title of a little princess. In addition to her mischievous adventures with her furry companions, Nannah takes her job of supervising her humans seriously.

The organization known as Chatons Orphelins Montreal features a feline named Nannah who approaches her people inconspicuously, observing their activities before pouncing on them playfully. This little ninja brings joy and amusement to her foster family every day.

Nannah is a sneaky little creature who never fails to keep tabs on everyone in the house. No one can ever be sure of having privacy around her. Whenever she notices someone using a computer, she immediately rushes towards them. She then proceeds to inspect their screen and sometimes even offers her “assistance” by jumping onto their keyboard.

Curious about everyone’s activities, Nannah, who previously had a difficult time being the only kitten, now strives to never be alone again. Enjoying life in foster care, she relishes in the attention and care provided by her caretakers. Nannah is mischievous and excited to have other furry companions to play with.

Chatons Orphelins Montreal has announced that Nannah will soon be looking for a new home where she can take center stage and rule the roost. It won’t be long before this feline finds a loving family to call her own.

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