Each Morning A Kind Mail Carrier Brings Joy To The Cat Who Is His Biggest Fan

Along with the assortment of letters, bills and packages he typically drops off each day along his route, this particular postal worker delivers something far more warmly received.

He delivers joy to a handsome cat named Zeppelin.

About a year ago, Zeppelin came to discover a recurring event at home. Every morning, around the same time, a man dressed in blue would arrive outside the front door and slip mail through the mail slot — papery playthings Zeppelin grew fond of pawing at.

The mailman, realizing Zeppelin had made a game of his daily deliveries, began making that moment all the more fun for him. And from there, an adorable friendship blossomed.

Zeppelin watches out the window and rushes to the door as soon as he sees the mailman coming down the street. “Zeppelin’s owner, Marisa Jaffe, told The Dodo. “Definitely the morning’s high point! ”

Watch Zeppelin and the mailman in action in the following clip:

When the mailman arrives with his deliveries, artfully placed with Zeppelin in mind, the cat gets a big, happy boost.

“Zeppelin is as feisty and playful as he seems,” Jaffe said.

Bringing a cat on the mailman’s route some happiness is surely a funny high point of his morning. Jaffe can’t help but smile as he observes them having fun with their adorable routine.

For their friendship, Jaffe expressed his gratitude. And as a result, I’ve developed a friendship with the mailman as well.

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