Discovered And Rescued This Cat From The Haunted House! She Is Hungry And Crying For Help!

At first, as I passed the house, I thought it was some of us, but it wasn’t, it was a kitten’s meow.

It’s coming from my left side and I thought that her mother left him in this haunted house, my mom told me that she was crying over last night but I didn’t listen!

She’s cute and quite small, I guess she thought that I’m her mother, she’s hungry and looks scared

I immediately bring her home, and she follows me whenever I’m walking, I got her cat food but she even doesn’t know how to eat. Then I checked her mouth and realized that she doesn’t have teeth, I got her milk! She’s about 4 weeks old.

She has been drinking milk, and now she is better!

But… she didn’t drink much because maybe this was the first time she fed, she doesn’t have experience of bottle feeding I am so sad that she was outside all night alone, she was crying so bad because her mother left her.

I promise that she will have a family here in my house with another cat, she’s crying nothing at all, now she is relaxed and so happy.

Why did your mother abandon you when you can’t even eat by yourself, you’re so cute!, come here I’ll wash your face. Also very fortunate that she can drink milk, in a while I will feed her cat food, she is neither injured nor sick so she will surely grow up very quickly!

Now she is living with other adult cats who treat her like their own and take care of her with me.

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