Despite Of Being Ill The Cat Has A Very Strong Will To Live A Happy Life

When we were driving back home one single day , we noticed that an injured cat was lying on the ground in the field. So we immediately reached to the cat picked her up and took her to the vet. The cat seemed to be in the search of some help.

His head was swollen and he was in a critical situation. The vet had his x-ray and found that his head bone was fractured.

This poor cat had been badly injured, he was unable to stand on his feet, no one knew for how many hours was he lying their in the sun without water and food. The vet was doing his role with full concentration. The cat was unable to eat drink or stand.

We kept cleaning his eyes every day coz his eyes had too much dirt!

The vet kept feeding him food and water, the injured head can be very dangerous but we hope that days had passed. everything will be fine.

Five days later, his health had changed and the vet started the new exams!

But things got worse and we thought that we’ll lose him. But this strong cat tricked death for a second time.

Don’t worry boy, we will take care of you no matter what!

After few days of hospitalization we took the cat home, she was still not able to eat drink or move but we helped him in doing that.

We drive him to the foster home, he’ll stay there till his head recovers. In this house, when we fed him food, he smells the food but he’s not even trying to eat.

We will not give up on him.

After a period of time he recovered but our and his own will and now we have kept him with him. We have adopted him with all our love and care. He has now recovered a lot and is in a much better  condition than before. 

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