Clyde, the foster kitten who was stolen from Petco on W. 92nd Street and Broadway on October 8th, has been returned!

Reunited with Director Carol Moon, who never lost hope that he would be found.

WSR got the news from Carol Moon, director of The Animal Project, a nonprofit cat rescue and adoption organization that has been overseeing Clyde’s care, who sent us the following email on Sunday night:

We have some fantastic news.

Today, the Animal Project received a call from someone who had been given a black-and-white cat in a black carrier, four days ago. She saw one of our fliers that we had placed near 125th street and called us as soon as she realized this could be Clyde.

We had her text us pictures, and once we saw them we knew it was our Clyde.

As our flier said, all we needed was his safe return with no questions asked. We thank the entire neighborhood of the UWS. We received so many calls and emails about potential tips and sightings. It helped us to feel supported in our efforts to keep placing more and more fliers in farther away distances as the days passed by.

Clyde’s return is a true NY miracle.

He is now safe and sound back with our rescue. He is healthy and so happy to be reunited with his foster siblings!!!

Clyde is also now up for adoption! He must go in a pair with one of his siblings, Inky, Blinky, and Pinky!

Clyde’s siblings who are up for adoption with him!
And, of course, getting a treat at his vet checkup after being returned.

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