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CATS Actually Love Their Humans, Here are the Proofs

Cats are cold?! In today’s video, we will prove that it’s just a myth with cute moments of cats showing love to their humans. Let’s go! When my old cat was dying, he started laying on my chest like he’d never done before (though he was always affectionate). I think he was trying to say goodbye. Even though his bones were old, he still came when I called him. Love and miss him. Cats are truly special. We put our cat to rest after 18 years. I never thought I would be so emotional about losing a cat. Generally he was my wife’s and he spent most of his time cuddling with her. But about 5 years ago I was lying on the couch feeling unwell and suddenly he climbed up and sat on my chest. It was only later that I thought he must have sensed I had a heart problem because some time later I ended up in hospital and had a stent implanted. After that he was on my lap/chest every evening without fail. I would put on a particular hoody which he’d already “ruined” with his claws so he could kneed/perforate my stomach wIth his claws. I still miss the little guy. I have an amazing story about our cat Molly. She was a ruthless hunter and killer of wild rats and mice and was always bringing in their mangled remains. My daughter had a tame rat called Freddie. One day, Freddie escaped from his cage and was running around the floor. Molly entered the room and we thought Freddie would be toast. But no, to everyone’s astonishment, the two were playing a game, Molly never hurt Freddie and later they cuddled up together, can you believe it? Sadly they are both gone now, but I will always remember them. My cats are literally the reason I’m still here today. I’ve been in such a depression and, in the past year, it’s gotten far worse, but any time I ever thought of or made plans to do anything to myself, thinking of my cats put a stop to it. I couldn’t leave them behind without anyone to care for them. So, their presence has saved my life on numerous occasions. I’ve spent my entire life around cats, from having “family” cats to now having my own, and every cat has their own unique personality that you just can’t help but love. It’s true that cats might not be as outwardly and obviously affectionate as dogs, but it takes knowing what constitutes affection from a cat to really appreciate them when they do show it. If I go to bed earlier than usual, my oldest will come to bed (when she usually prefers sleeping in her cat bed on the floor next to my side) and sniff my face to make sure I’m feeling okay. When I’m working at my computer for extended periods of time, my middle furchild will jump onto my desk and throw herself into my arms, as if she’s forcing me to take my hands off the keyboard and take a break for myself (that, and she loves being held and will fall asleep within minutes) My youngest is more bonded to my roommate than me, but even she will curl up behind my knees when we’re napping and comfort me with her body heat, not to mention bring me her toys to show she wants to spend time with me. I can’t imagine my life without cats in it, and even thinking about it has me wiping tears away. I wish every cat in the world felt as loved as the ones in this video do, but sadly, there are still many that think of them as pests. It breaks my heart into pieces. I’ve received more unconditional love from cats than any human being in my life, family or otherwise. I plan to always have cats in my life in some way. They may not slobber all over you or be overly physical with their affection like a dog would, but whatever you give them, they will repay you with tenfold throughout their entire lifetime. Please consider going to your local shelter and adopting one if you have the time, patience, means, desire, and ability to care for one. You won’t regret it.

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