“Captivating Clicks: A Dozen Stunning Snaps of Magnificent Maine Coon Felines”

Everyone is aware that cats belong to the big cat family which includes tigers, lions, cheetahs, and others. However, have you ever heard of large cats that are domesticated? Maine Coon cats are a perfect example of this. They resemble ordinary house cats in every way except for their enormous size. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the pictures provided! If you’re interested in seeing more adorable animal photos, be sure to check out these stunning animal friendships. This post was shared by nightqueen.

Cat - He's forty two pounds of love... MIK

Just picture having a massive feline weighing 42 pounds snuggled up on your lap; that’s how big this Maine Coon is! However, we wouldn’t complain about having this adorable fluffball share our couch with us. Source: The Chive.


Wow, this particular Maine Coon has striking resemblance to a tiger, especially with those sharp ears. It’s paws are also exceptionally large!


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Shoulder - BIRR

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