Broken Kitten Shaking In Fear Abused By Owners Who Swung Her By The Tail Becomes A Living ‘Miracle’

This terrible tale began when animal lovers rescued a cat that had been mistreated so severely that the poor kitten had lost all use of his rear legs as a result of severe nerve damage.

She suffered from acute conjunctivitis, frequent shaking, discomfort, and a lack of food.

Tegan and Kyleigh, two compassionate women, came to her aid. They fought valiantly to preserve the small cat despite having very few resources because the nearest veterinarian or store was eight hours away by car.

Her rescuers grew to cherish and take care of her.

The kitten had a miracle and miraculously started to grow stronger. She astounded everyone she encountered with her extraordinary power, traveling the world using only her upper body.

Just recently, Monkey arrived in Perth where she met her adopted mom, Lyn. She received Bowen therapy and red light therapy regularly. With some regular exercise, her improvements have been remarkable.

She has become quite the companion, accompanying her new mum wherever she goes. Monkey the cat is now in good hands!

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