Boy Reunites With His Missing Cat After 7 Long Months

A loved one going missing can be very heartbreaking.

Bonding is a slow process. It happens over a period of time and it requires a lot of patience, commitment, and effort. Nothing is achieved if these three elements are not incorporated into that bond in order for it to grow and one day, become inseparable. An inseparable bond cannot be broken even if one party passes away. That’s the strength of a true relationship and it really fascinates me.

Now imagine one day, such a person or animal, who you truly love with all your heart suddenly goes missing. How would you feel? Absolutely heartbroken, right? Everything would feel worthless and irrelevant because you hadn’t even thought in your subconscious that your favorite would ever just disappear from your life. And the fact that you know they are out there and have no idea where they are, makes you even sad and vulnerable. Well, something similar happened with this poor boy whose cat went missing.

This is the little boy whose cat went missing.

The family nor the kid have any idea what happened, they all just woke up one day and their cat was nowhere to be seen. They searched the entire house, the neighbors’ house, and the nearby places but the cat had literally disappeared. They were really sad about it.

The loss had a bad impact on the kid’s mental capacity but not a single day went by when he didn’t think about his cat with full hope that it will return.

And the boy’s hopes didn’t go to waste. After 7 long months of searching and waiting, they finally reunited with the cat. The family had installed a microchip on the cat from the very beginning, but for some reason, they never managed to locate it until after 7 long and tough months, the chip finally showed the cat’s location and the family was quick to find the cat and finally bring it home.

The cat returned home after 7 long years and the kid had no idea about it. Once he saw his baby for himself, he broke down.

It was an extremely emotional moment for the entire family, including the cat. And why wouldn’t it be, the family reunited after 7 freaking months, that’s approximately 210 days of you having no idea where your cat is, how your cat is and is it even alive or not. The kid deserved to cry on this day of reunion.

Nothing and no one can break an inseparable bond.

The way the two hugged it out, I have a strong feeling that the cat also tried its level best to relocate where she came from, her house. But unfortunately, fate had other plans. It probably kept walking away and away, too far from the proximity of the microchip locator and owners from their side couldn’t find the cat because of that reason. But I am glad things worked out. I really feel extremely happy for them. This is an example of what true love can really do. Its powers, truly, are limitless.

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