Amazing! This Cat’s Mom Bought A Statue That Looks Just Like Him, And Now He’s Obsessed With ‘Himself’!

We all know that cats tend to have a very high opinion of themselves.

If our little feline furbabies got to decide, they’d have us worship them even more than the ancient Egyptians ever did.

It’s no wonder then, that when this proud little cat discovered that someone had raised a statue of him, he was utterly delighted.

Finally, Cosmo’s greatness was being recognized.

The statue, which had suddenly appeared on the stairs in front of Cosmo’s house, had actually been purchased from Goodwill by his mother, Jenny Salzer.

According to The Dodo, he’d been browsing the second-hand shop when she unexpectedly came across a statue of a black cat that looked eerily similar to her beloved kitty Cosmo.

Though it was slightly worn and scraped, its striking similarity to Cosmo was enough to convince her that she needed to purchase it, and so she did.

When she got home, she placed the little doppelganger on the stairs leading up to her house and didn’t think much more of it.

Cosmo is mainly an indoor cat, but he enjoys getting some supervised playtime in the yard from time to time.

The day after Salzer had purchased the statue, she let Cosmo out to play and that’s when he discovered the majestic statue of himself.

Cosmo was immediately drawn to the statue and began sniffing it and rubbing himself all over it.

Now, every time he goes out to play, he spends some time hanging out with his stony twin.

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