Adorable Kitty with smooshed, crooked face is as sweet as it can be!

He already looks like he is well taken care of.

What makes that kitty so valuable, is not the face, but the love you will receive from kitty, because you loved kitty first.

In the summer of 2020, Jacqueline Santiago of Friends for Life Rescue Network saw a photo of a kitten with obvious “congenital defects”.

At first, they weren’t sure what was wrong with the kitten entirely but the rescue organization took him in. At the time, Pinocchi was already 3 months old but he was still the size of a 5-6 week old kitten! He came “malnourished”, “dehydrated”, and “infested with fleas”.

Some of the medical complexities the kitten came to FFLRN with includes, a massive [umbilical hernia] that will require surgical [repair], a [crossbite] causing his canines to jab into his lower jaw (will require removal), deformed nose, and [potentially hydrocephalus].

Realizing how much medical care and rehabilitation the kitty would need, Mel Lamprey stepped up to foster the kitten. Because of his complex medical needs he’s not currently up for adoption.

“Friends for Life” and Mel have both explained quite a bit to curious followers that Poke needs to not have so many medical needs. BUT, when he’s healthy and ready for his forever home, he will leave Mel and “Friends for Life”.

Mel said: He’s a really happy guy who loves everyone — other people, other cats and dogs.

From the looks of how clean that baby is and that pretty little Batman outfit that cute little babies getting all the good love it gets you’re you’re in a good home new people are awesome people are special that take care of animals like this!

Gorgeous Fur baby so glad he has a wonderful foster Mum and getting the best care he deserves little tower of strength wishing lots of love a wonderful journey ahead!

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